Sunday April 3, 2022

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Date(s) - 04/03/22
5:30 am


Timberland UU Fellowship is meeting again this coming Sunday April 3rd at 5:30pm.   Featured this time:
“Nine Types of Intelligence” Howard Gardner’s theory presented by Cavalier Clemens  (10 minutes)
 Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner introduced his theory of multiple intelligence in his 1983 book, Frames of Mind.  Simply put, the idea is that one’s intellectual intelligence or IQ doesn’t tell t he complete story about someone’s range of potential.
If you want to  maximize the experience before Sunday, you can take the online  “Multiple Intelligence test” from   You will have a better idea of how you think  & process the TED talk more. You can use any browser like google to look up the intelligence test, even on a smart phone.
Second TED talk is “5 Things Smart people never do”  by Daniel Ally. (6 minutes)   Now that you have an idea of where you may fall on the spectrum, learn a few tips to improve those areas.
Join us for a lively discussion at 1510 N. Timberland Drive.  We are continuing to wear masks and follow safety guidelines. The Pandemic is not done with us yet: we would like to continue to meet in person
Susan Mendola
Timberland UU Fellowship
1510 N. Timberland Drive
Lufkin, Tx