Standing on the side of love
A Welcoming Congregation


What does “Welcoming Congregation” mean?

Timberland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship voted to be a “Welcoming Congregation” at our annual meeting in 2007. We felt we had always been welcoming to the LGBTQ community but decided to obtain official status by using the Unitarian Universalist Association Specified Training Guidelines


The Board of Directors selected a Welcoming Committee to prepare monthly programs from January 2012 to March 2013. 50% of our members participated in the on going programs which included such topics as:

  • What we know and how we learned it
  • Common elements of oppression
  • HIV/Aids
  • Racism and homophobia
  • The radical right
  • That the Bible says about religion and homosexuality
  • Church wide service with LGBTQ panel
  • The UU LGBTQ History Timeline
  • Bisexuality & Biphobia
  • The transgender identity: what it means
  • How homophobia hurts us all.

The Welcoming Committee made a final presentation to the congregation on March 31, 2013. We voted and approved changes to the Bylaws. The application was submitted April 2, 2013 to the national UUA. It was officially approved shortly thereafter. We also voted to join the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry (TXUUJM) & signed the Covenant of Collaboration document to fund & support LGBTQ issues.

Basically this means we are committed to be inclusive in all aspects of our worship services, including celebrating affirming LGBTQ issues during the church year, provide literature & resources for all age groups, and using inclusive language and content as a regular part of worship service. Our consulting minister Rev Mike Thompson can provide ministerial services including gay unions.

Original Welcoming Committee:

  • Lois Clemens, President TUUF
  • Angelyn Bassinger, Secretary
  • Susan Mendola, VP and submitter of Welcoming application to UUA
  • Ervin Boehm

Participating members for workshops:

  • Gloria Barnett
  • Donna Strickland
  • Glenn Donnahoe
  • Vernon Clemen
  • Carrie Weeks
  • MarleneYoder
  • Mildred Love.

If you are looking for sense of community and connection, we look forward to welcoming you.