Accessibility of Building and Programs:

We welcome and affirm people of all abilities.  We have taken the following steps to assure that no one is excluded for full participation in the life of our church.


Our sanctuary and fellowship hall are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs or having limited mobility.


We have a small building, large TV for video screenings and adjustable speakers for those hard of hearing.  Currently we do not have any large print hymnals.

Chemical Sensitivity

We encourage a fragrance free zone. We ask that congregants refrain from perfume or tobacco smoke. This will be periodically announced at the worship services.

Pastoral Care

We are a small compassionate community who want to assist those who may feel unwelcome, patronized or marginalized because of their disability.  We may not be able to fully remedy every situation, but we can provide a compassionate ear and a willingness to enlist the help of others.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in the sanctuary,  There are grassy areas where the service animals may relieve themselves.